A Band of Gamers
Stay current with gaming and discover new music. Three best mates meet at the virtual pub to share their lifelong passion of video games and music discovery. Two hobbies in separate segments by aging gamers who love talking about the latest trends, playing new games alongside their retro favorites and recommending records.

VR is a walk in the park to ABOG regardless of the price but they still prefer the old fashioned controller and monitor set-up for gaming. Speaking of monitors, Joel shares the scoop on his new television and then Shane and Karl worry about their PS4's thanks to the added power of the 7th core. This and the usual what they're playing, listening to and another fantastic tune to close out the show.


Icebreaker // How was your holiday? What did you do on New Year's Eve?

0:04:15 Gaming Conversation // Oculus Rift's price is announced at $599 US, Joel shares his impressions of his new Samsung 4K television after replacing a faltering set and Sony unlocks the 7th core.

0:25:10 Playing // Rise of the Tomb Raider (XBOX One), XBOX One game sharing, Just Cause 3 (PS4), Guns, Gore and Cannoli (PS4), Borderlands 2 Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep, Undertale (Steam)

0:50:30 Music // David Bowie Blackstar, David Bowie Station to Station, Albert Hammond Jr Momentary Masters, Red Hot Chili Peppers Live at Cardiff June 2004 (free download)



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