A Band of Gamers
Gamers who love music. Stay current with video games and discover new music with one podcast. Two hobbies in separate segments by aging best mates who love keeping up with the latest trends and platforms, playing new games alongside their retro favorites and recommending great records.

Shane and Karl survive poison and vampire bites by channeling their super powers, playing video games and spinning records. Must be another episode of ABOG wherein Joel can't come up with the creative words to describe a stellar episode.


Icebreaker // Would you rather be bitten by a radioactive spider or a vampire?

0:03:45 Gaming Conversations // Iron Maiden's RPG Legacy of the Beast where you can play as Eddie and travel through time battling monsters from the Iron Maiden universe. EA releases some free dlc for Star Wars Battlefront. There's a beta for World of Tanks out on the PS4. The ins and outs of recovering an old gamertag on a new XBOX One after establishing a new gamertag.

0:17:15 Playing // Rocket League Snow Day (PS4), Rise of the Tomb Raider (XBOX One), Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (XBOX One), Fallout 4 (XBOX One), The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (XBOX 360), Titanfall (XBOX One), Little Big Planet (PS3), Little Big Planet 3 (PS4), NHL 16 (PS4), The Golf Club (PS4)

0:40:20 Music // The Gaslight Anthem, Brian Fallon, Megadeth Dystopia, Dave Mustaine 



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