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Stay current with gaming and discover new music. Three best mates meet at the virtual pub to share their lifelong passion of video games and music discovery. Two hobbies in separate segments by aging gamers who love talking about the latest trends, playing new games alongside their retro favorites and recommending records.

Shane and Karl follow up ABOG's No Man's Sky discussion from the last episode after giving the game a few more hours play time. They also share tips for successful beer runs without being disconnected in Overwatch. In music Karl preps his drum kit for a wedding reception and the guys fall for an EP suggested by a listener.

0:01:30 No Man's Sky 

0:30:45 Playing

  • Tricky Towers // PlayStation 4
  • Titanfall 2 Tech Test
  • Overwatch // PlayStation 4

0:41:30 Music

  • Karl preps for his lead singer's wedding reception
  • more of the fantastic Dinosaur Jr Give A Glimpse of What Yer Not LP

0:53:25 Post Game

Music Played In This Episode

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