A Band of Gamers
Gamers who love music. Stay current with video games and discover new music with one podcast. Two hobbies in separate segments by aging best mates who love keeping up with the latest trends and platforms, playing new games alongside their retro favorites and recommending great records.

Shane buys pie under the table at a roadside stand. Karl has a secret admirer who lavishes him in external disk space. Joel doesn't care about frosting. Just give him a good cake. Grab some sweets and enjoy another episode of video games, recommended music and good beers with three mates having way too much fun doing a podcast they love.

0:04:50 Side A Video Games


  • Amazon ending 20% discount on preorders
  • XBOX All Access subscription service
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection and other games added to XBOX Game Pass
  • Streets of Rage 4 revealed

Video Games

  • Dead Cells final thoughts
  • Madden NFL 19

Easy PlayStation 4 Trophies

  • Twin Robots
  • TETRA's Escape

0:46:16 Beers

  • New New | 1840 Brewing Company
  • Disco Fork Lift Truck | Drygate Brewing Co
  • Nitro Vanilla Porter (NVP) | Breckenridge Brewery

0:54:27 Side B Music

Recommended Albums

  • Featured
    • Disques Debs International Vol. 1
  • Devils Teeth Suki Yaki Hot!
  • James Booker The Lost Paramount Tapes
  • Polyrhythmics Octagon
  • Pagan Black Wash
  • Eminem Kamikaze

Music Played In This Episode

  • Intro, segue and outro music provided with permission by Tiny Rockets

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