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Joel could take a hint from Shane's mastery of the whole body cleansing thing in order to gain  more coffee and guitar time. Great music, impressions of Gaslight Anthem's Get Hurt album and side B content that goes off the rails in a new episode of ABOG Podcast.

Ice Breaker- How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Music (0:07:00)

News- Highest selling vinyl for first time in over 20 years, Paul McCartney scores video game soundtrack and is set to release an upcoming single in support of, Tom Petty finally has a #1 record after 37 years of hits, Jeff Lynne professional glommer, authorized Nick Drake biography, Foo Fighters preorder vinyl offerings with varying album cover choices

Listening To- Rob Zombie (Hellbilly Deluxe) via Enjoy the Ride Records, Gaslight Anthem (Get Hurt), .357 String Band, Joseph Huber (The Hanging Road), The Good Luck Thrift Store Outlet, Phox live at Turner Hall in Milwaukee (video), This Wild Life vinyl, Rodrigo y Gabriela (9 Dead Alive)

All music played with permission

 Side B (1:10:40)

Video Games- Last of Us: Remastered (PS4), Ultra Street Fighter 4 (PS3), Surgeon Simulator (PS4), FIFA 14 (PS4), Mario Golf World Tour (3DS), Super Mario Land 3D (3DS), Nano Assault EX (3DS), Road Not Taken (PS4), Remastered games almost better than nothing

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