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It's Pay Day for Shane on Halloween but sadly the artists aren't getting their proper cut. Joel talks through his considerations to cancel Spotify based on the recent news of unfair royalty payments.

Ice Breaker- What is your favorite candy?

Side A: Music (0:06:00)

News- RIP Jack Bruce, NEW TOOL, The Eaux Claires Music and Arts Festival, Artists react to lower than normal payments from digital streaming services which causes Joel to reconsider his subscription to Spotify

Listening To- Lagwagon Hang, Johnny Marr Playland, Slipknot .5 The Gray Chapter, Sugar Stems Sugar Stems N' Friends, Primus & The Chocolate Factory with Fungi Ensemble, Field Report Marigolden, Genesis The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, The Flaming Lips With A Little Help From My Fwends, Trampled By Turtles Wild Animals, Ladders Suha

All music played with permission:

Side B: Video Games (1:09:50)

Video Games- PS4 firmware 2.0 impressions and woes, Drive Club (PS4), GTAV FPS makes the game a must buy, Resident Evil 5 (PS3), NBA2K15 (PS4)

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