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Shane dusts off his glove and bat in Sony's MLB 15 The Show and Joel listens to Uek for a taste of summer in lieu of the dreadful Brewers start to the season. Take it with to the ballpark, this is your soundtrack to summer featuring the usual ABOG talk and five great songs to crank with the windows rolled down.

Ice Breaker- Where do you shop for food?

Side A: Music (0:06:50)

Shane is listening to NOFX Self Entitled, prepping for the Screeching Weasel tour and enjoying Mulu Lizi's latest. Joel was spinning Ryley Walker's Primrose Green and The Flatliner's Dead Language before Faith No More dropped Sol Invictus and then nothing else since. He explains why and then shares a world exclusive podcast update courtesy of Scott/Gamers Only Older.

Side B: Video Games (0:40:15)

Shane is playing MLB 15: The Show (PS4), Project Cars (PS4) and The Lego Movie Video Game (PS4). Joel's wounds have healed yet he still kicks the Seattle Seahawks up and down the field with his beloved Packers over and over and.... Besides playing Madden 15 (PS4), Joel give his usual GTA V update (boring) and then Shane reveals his next gaming purchase.

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