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Gamers who love music. Stay current with video games and discover new music with one podcast. Two hobbies in separate segments by aging best mates who love keeping up with the latest trends and platforms, playing new games alongside their retro favorites and recommending great records.

Joel reviews Firewatch and feels dirty watching television with PlayStation Vue, Shane visits the arcade in his living room to play Bubble Bobble and Karl rationalizes playing two shooter MMO's at the same time since starting Tom Clancy's The Division. This before the guys give their impressions on new music releases from Iggy Pop, Damien Jurado, Brian Fallon and face to face. With a St. Patrick's Day appropriate tune, The Gleasons close out the episode.

Ep99 - Contents

Icebreaker // How do you catalog and organize your physical music collection?

0:03:35 Side A Video Games

Gaming Conversations // PlayStation VR details announced including price and launch month, and the guys revisit their interest level now that they have the full skinny. Kotaku claims that sources tell them Sony is working on a Playstation 4.5. Is this Sony trying to keep up with Microsoft who previously detailed potential plans for an upgraded XBOX One or just a rumor? XBOX to support cross-network play. ABOG puts a positive spin on this news after reading some of their favorite negative reactions.

Playing // Shane and Karl join forces in brotherhood (PS4), Karl is hooked on Tom Clancy's The Division (PS4) and gives his impressions of the game. He then tries to make the point that playing two first person shooter / MMO style games at the same time is possible and feasible. As long as you're in the sweet spot with one of them. Karl remembers his weekly obligation so played some Rocket League. This time representing ABOG in a tourney set up by ESL. Shane relives his youth thanks to PlayStation's Arcade Archives series. They released Bubble Bobble (PS4) this past week so he lost his mind and then played a ton. Even posted a high score of 271,000 to their server if you want to chase it down (PSN: Skippynixx). When he wasn't playing Bubble Bobble, Shane checked out the new Sky Fortress dlc in Just Cause 3 (PS4). Claims it's the greatest thing to happen to Just Cause. Joel finished Firewatch (PS4) and gives it a review. Spoilers- Buy It! PS Nation says Joel sounds like the main character and he doesn't argue with them about it. Speaking of, he recently sat in on one of their episodes which you can listen to here (link). Joel cut the cord years ago but is inching his way back towards a regular cable bill thanks to the new PlayStation Vue service. He gives his impressions of the service hopefully to help you decide if it's worth the guilt. Although he's really enjoying it, he feels guilty by the added expense and the fact he's getting up there in monthly television bills again between this and all the other services he subscribes to. Will he find enough ways to offset the additional cost?

0:51:15 Side B Music

Listening // face to face Protection (Fat Wreck Chords), Brian Fallon Painkillers, Iggy Pop Post Pop Depression, Damien Jurado Visions of Us on the Land (Secretly Canadian), Emerson, Lake & Palmer Pictures at an Exhibition. Karl shares how his last name may have been influenced by ELP and how it helped him get some drum equipment more easily. Prog rock is difficult to listen to, but it's also really rewarding. The Gleasons ring in St. Patrick's Day at Anodyne Coffee in Milwaukee. 



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