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Ever get together with friends, talk music and spin records? Joel and Shane do exactly that in another episode of the ABOG Podcast.

Ice Breaker- What is your favorite 80's TV show?

Music (0:06:35)

News- Pink Floyd releasing a new album, Best selling album of the last 25 years, No new Tool album, RIP Tommy Ramone, Ramones recollections, Coheed and Cambria's gesture to a fan in need, Beck's Song Reader coming in audio form

Listening To- Ramones (The Last Show), Uke-Hunt (Uke-Hunt), Death From Above 1979 (You're a Woman, I'm a Machine), White Stripes/Jack White

All music played with permission

Side B (1:12:50)

Video Games- Pixel Junk Shooter Ultimate (PS4/Vita), Killzone Shadow Fall (PS4), Mario Golf: World Tour

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The guys put on sunscreen before sharing a summertime mix and favoriting a few snacks. Great tunes in the hot sun and a potential visit from the potentially real Paul McCartney highlight a new episode of audio from ABOG Podcast. // Special guest Mike from AddedXP

Ice Breaker- What is your favorite snack food?

Music (0:01:30)

New Releases- White Lung (Deep Fantasy), Phox (Phox), Mastodon (Once More 'Round The Sun), Eric Johnson (Europe Live)

News- Paul McCartney is alive but is it really him? Billy Talbot suffers a stroke, final tours, concert and venue preferences

Listening To- This Wild Life (Clouded), Jack White (Lazaretto), Sylvan Esso live at 88.9 Radio Milwaukee, Hip Hop records, Outkast live at Summerfest, Volcano Choir (repave), The Get Up Kids (On A Wire), Summertime music and mixes, Lorde (Pure Heroine), Bob Mould/Husker Du/Sugar, Morningwood, The Pixes (Indie Cindy), Mike Doughty, The Format (Interventions and Lullabies), Phantogram, The HandGrenades (52)

Listener Email- podcast@abandofgamers.com

All music played with permission

Side B (1:23:45)

Video Games- Red Dead Redemption save file lost, Portal 2, Dragon Hunter: Alliance (Vita), Terraria (Vita), God of War Collection (Vita), Mercenary Kings (PS4), Mass Effect Trilogy (PS3), 10,000,000 (Mobile), Dots (Mobile), Pokemon Emerald, Infamous: Second Son (PS4), MLB 14: The Show (PS4), FIFA 14 (PS4), NHL 15, next Madden online league, good and bad sports, Far Cry 3 (PS3)

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