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Gamers who love music. Stay current with video games and discover new music with one podcast. Two hobbies in separate segments by aging best mates who love keeping up with the latest trends in gaming and recommending great records.

Ever get together with friends, talk music and spin records? Joel and Shane do exactly that in another episode of the ABOG Podcast.

Ice Breaker- What is your favorite 80's TV show?

Music (0:06:35)

News- Pink Floyd releasing a new album, Best selling album of the last 25 years, No new Tool album, RIP Tommy Ramone, Ramones recollections, Coheed and Cambria's gesture to a fan in need, Beck's Song Reader coming in audio form

Listening To- Ramones (The Last Show), Uke-Hunt (Uke-Hunt), Death From Above 1979 (You're a Woman, I'm a Machine), White Stripes/Jack White

All music played with permission

Side B (1:12:50)

Video Games- Pixel Junk Shooter Ultimate (PS4/Vita), Killzone Shadow Fall (PS4), Mario Golf: World Tour

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The guys put on sunscreen before sharing a summertime mix and favoriting a few snacks. Great tunes in the hot sun and a potential visit from the potentially real Paul McCartney highlight a new episode of audio from ABOG Podcast. // Special guest Mike from AddedXP

Ice Breaker- What is your favorite snack food?

Music (0:01:30)

New Releases- White Lung (Deep Fantasy), Phox (Phox), Mastodon (Once More 'Round The Sun), Eric Johnson (Europe Live)

News- Paul McCartney is alive but is it really him? Billy Talbot suffers a stroke, final tours, concert and venue preferences

Listening To- This Wild Life (Clouded), Jack White (Lazaretto), Sylvan Esso live at 88.9 Radio Milwaukee, Hip Hop records, Outkast live at Summerfest, Volcano Choir (repave), The Get Up Kids (On A Wire), Summertime music and mixes, Lorde (Pure Heroine), Bob Mould/Husker Du/Sugar, Morningwood, The Pixes (Indie Cindy), Mike Doughty, The Format (Interventions and Lullabies), Phantogram, The HandGrenades (52)

Listener Email- podcast@abandofgamers.com

All music played with permission

Side B (1:23:45)

Video Games- Red Dead Redemption save file lost, Portal 2, Dragon Hunter: Alliance (Vita), Terraria (Vita), God of War Collection (Vita), Mercenary Kings (PS4), Mass Effect Trilogy (PS3), 10,000,000 (Mobile), Dots (Mobile), Pokemon Emerald, Infamous: Second Son (PS4), MLB 14: The Show (PS4), FIFA 14 (PS4), NHL 15, next Madden online league, good and bad sports, Far Cry 3 (PS3)

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