A Band of Gamers
Video games and music podcast. Three best mates meet at the virtual pub every other week to share their lifelong passion for gaming and music discovery. The podcast is separated into two segments- Side A Video Games includes gaming news, conversations and the games they are enjoying. Side B Music starts with a recommended new record from one of the cohosts and the other two decide if they agree with the recommendation. Thereafter they talk about albums they've been spinning. Between the two sides the guys reveal the contents of their pint glasses and usually pour another.

E-sports made better with beers, pickles, onions and experimental hip hop.

0:03:21 Side A Video Games


  • International Olympics Committee to host an e-sports forum
  • Nintendo wants to help developers with cross-play aspirations
  • Rocket League is now available in XBOX Game Pass


  • Fortnite Season 5
  • Doom (XBOX One)
  • The Crew 2 (PS4)

Easy PlayStation Trophies (E-Penis)

  • N.E.R.O. Nothing Ever Remains Obscure (PS4)
  • Puzzle Showdown 4K (PS4)
  • The Wolf Among Us (PS3)
  • Dead Synchronicity (PS4)

0:53:57 Beers

  • Naked Threesome | Raised Grain Brewing Company
  • Invisible No Coast IPA | Powell Brewery
  • Guinness | St. Jame's Gate, Dublin

1:04:38 Side B Music

Recommended Album 

  • Jpegmafia Veteran

Also Listening To

  • Janelle Monae The ArchAndroid
  • Theia The Ghost Light
  • Dogs in Ecstasy Dreams and Gripes
  • Buffalo Gospel On the First Bell

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Music Played In This Episode

  • Intro, segue and outro music provided with permission by Tiny Rockets


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