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Three older best mates keeping you current with video games since 2012 with concise content featuring news, trends, console wars, games and services. Hang out after for craft beer and music talk.

Jul 17, 2018

E-sports made better with beers, pickles, onions and experimental hip hop.


0:03:21 Side A Video Games


  • International Olympics Committee to host an e-sports forum
  • Nintendo wants to help developers with cross-play aspirations
  • Rocket League is now available in XBOX Game Pass


  • Fortnite Season 5
  • Doom (XBOX...

Jul 3, 2018

Sony's handling of cross-platform play with Fortnite reminds Joel of their former arrogance, Shane doesn't like free games and Karl thinks Oatmeal Man is the worst superhero ever.


0:06:35 Side A Video Games


  • Sony blocking Fortnite cross-play between PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch
  • The red label is back...