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Three older best mates keeping you current with video games since 2012 with concise content featuring news, trends, console wars, games and services. Hang out after for craft beer and music talk.

Jan 22, 2019

Chocolate for breakfast, punching producer mini games, requiring hot food at work, walls, The Gardens Between, Abby Jeanne Music Box Dancer and the usual listening program.


0:03:39 Side A Video Games


Bungie breaks away from Activision and now controls their own Destiny. Sony gives the keys to Rocket League...

Jan 8, 2019

Joel, Shane and Karl share their individual picks for top ten favorite albums of 2018. Plus the usual Side A Video Game content and in this episode there are plenty of new games the guys have played over the holidays and a big box of SNES cartridges Shane fully cleaned and is now working his way through.


0:02:00 Side...