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Stay current with gaming and discover new music with three over-the-hill, positive-minded best mates. Podcast starts with Side A Video Games wherein the guys chat about the latest big news and games including impressions and reviews. Second half of the show, Side B Music, aims to help you discover new records you may have otherwise missed with recommended albums from the co-hosts and community. Proud supporter of local and independent music. Local music spotlights Wisconsin, Vancouver and Birmingham/England areas where the co-hosts reside.

Jeff Lynne brings the numbers so Joel and Shane glom on. Joel cleans up his tears from a heartbreaking Packers loss. Includes the usual great selection of independent music and what the guys are listening to and playing.

Ice Breaker- What are your relationship deal breakers?

Side A: Music (0:05:30)

Music talk- Glomming on to the ultimate glommer

Listening To-Jeff Lynne (of course), Slipknot .5: The Gray Chapter produced by Jeff Lynne, The Smiths The Queen is Dead, Cursive's accidental masterpiece The Ugly Organ, Sturgill Simpson Metamodern Sounds in Country Music, Chris Cresswell One Week Record, Wye Oak Shriek, Sleater-Kinney No Cities to Love

All music played with permission:

Side B: Jeff Lynne's Video Games Segment (0:37:30)

Video Games- Javier's missed email from Ep55, Pinball Arcade (PS4), Destiny (PS4), Shane's enjoyment of Driveclub (PS4) continues, Super Mega Baseball (PS4), Christmas hacked and Joel says Sony shouldn't have a free pass, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions (PS4), Rocksmith 2014 (PS4), Madden 15 and how the Packers laid a big turd (Joel's words), Infamous First Light (PS4), Support the Jeff Lynne video game kickstarters!!

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